Bradford Auto Glass Replacement Security Tips for Your Vehicle

Our Bradford auto glass replacement specialists are always telling people who live in urban centers to be on the lookout. Criminals break into and vandalize all different types of cars in big cities. Here’s a few excellent tips to keep your vehicle safe and sound.

Of course, keeping your auto glass in pristine shape is an important security feature. Even a small crack can spread over time and cause a safety issue.

Mark Your Car

One of the first things you should do is let any potential thieves know your car is protected. Research points to the fact that any kind of anti-theft marking like a warning sticker cuts down on break-ins by half.  Keep in mind, there’s more to having the right kind of anti-theft marking than just keeping criminals away from your vehicle.

If you check with your insurance provider, you might even catch a bit of a break on your premiums.

Break-in Tip: In the event your car gets broken into, the first thing you’ll need to do is remain calm. There are a few steps to follow including taking pictures of any damage. Of course, you’ll need to phone the police and report the break-in for insurance purposes. Our Bradford auto glass replacement team also suggests you look at the possibility of being able to fill out an online form for the police.

Don’t Leave Anything in Plain View

Remember not to leave anything in plain view. That includes shopping bags in the back seat or even the gym bag you plan to make use of after work. Most of us take our cell phones with us wherever we go, but a charger sitting on a dashboard or console can attract a thief’s eye.

Even if you’re just running a quick errand at the local supermarket, it’s a good idea to lock everything in the trunk before you leave your car.

Break-in Tip: Safety is another consideration after your car has been broken into. Your first impulse will be to try and clear away any broken glass, but you’ll need to take a step back before you start. It’s a good idea to keep a pair of sturdy gloves somewhere in the trunk or glovebox so you won’t cut your hands if you need to pick up some pieces.

You can easily get in touch with us because our Bradford auto glass replacement team is always available to answer questions.

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